Parents's Speak

“As a father of a daughter who just graduated from school and took her first steps towards being independent and building her career, and father of a son who is pursuing higher studies to enhance his career, O. P Jindal University is by far the best companion they could have gotten to help them in this journey. With a highly qualified, well respected and very supportive faculty, I have no doubt, they will make the best choices when it comes to their professional life. The faculty not only nurtures them to be hardworking student but also develops them to build their very own unique personality. As a parent, the security of my children is of paramount importance and that is being taken care of with the highest dedication possible by the security personnel of JGU. One of the most fascinating features of this university is that everyone is very courteous and easily approachable. Whether it’s the faculty, the administration or even the management, which reassures the commitment and vision the university has for my children and as a parent that is very satisfying. All in all this is a great journey for my children and me and I can’t thank the university enough to make all of this happen.”


Kapil Suri

(Father of : Shambhavi Suri – B.A (hons.) Media and Communication ,JSJC; Dhananjay Suri – M.A (DLB) , JSIA)