International Collaborations

  • Collaborations with over 160 prestigious universities around the world across 44 countries

  • Active international partnerships facilitating development of globally-relevant curriculam across the schools, thereby helping benchmark JGU courses and programmes with those of leading global universities

  • Regularly hosting visiting international faculty, such as the current 2016-17 Fulbright Scholar Dr. Jeanine Relly, Associate Professor, School of Journalism, Arizona University

  • In particular, JGU has entered into a broad-ranging collaboration with institutions such as Indiana University, the University of Texas A&M, and Rollins College, USA to exchange students and faculty members, to conduct joint research programmes, and share classroom teaching between both the universities via video conferencing facility

  • The university routinely collaborates with institutions abroad and international organizations on conferences about current burning issues. Most recently for example, in October 2016, JGU in collaboration with Stanford University organized the Jindal-Stanford Conference on “Deliberative Democracy: Institutions, Law & People” with sessions & symposia around topics such as “Strengthening Democracy Through the Right to Information” and “Is India, the World’s Largest Democracy, Deliberative?”